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    Post by kimchidiction on Fri Oct 01, 2010 9:47 am

    What do you think about Dara?

    For most Dara fans it's most likely that we would sing her praises...


    what about non-Dara fans?

    This thread will contain all the comments made by people about Dara.
    Be it negative or positive, you guys will read it here.

    And yes, don't be shy, join us.
    Tell us what you think of our dorky Goddess D. Everyone's opinion is accepted,
    just don't drag the rest of 2NE1/YGfamily on your comments. Keep it solely for Dara.

    (So prepare your torches coz this is going to be bloody! keke just kidding.)

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    Post by kimchidiction on Fri Oct 01, 2010 10:12 am

    So to officially start this off, I'm giving you the latest topic among Dara fans and Non-Dara fans alike.
    This is from Akp, you can read the rest of the topic in the What's up with Dara section. This is only a snippet.

    In Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook...

    Yoo Hee Yeol asked the group, “It seems that you all would be distressed at times while working as entertainers. What was the most hurtful comment said to you in your opinion?”

    Sandara Park caused laughter in the studio as she answered, “Last time we came on Sketchbook, you described Bom as the vocal, CL as the rapper, Minzy as the dancer, and then me as the image. After the recording was finished, I went up on the roof to look at the sky. I asked myself, ‘What am I?’

    For a news like this, there's really bound to be hurtful, encouraging and out of this world answers/comments.


    source: http://www.formspring.me/poopiness

    source: www.youtube.com

    source: http://popreviewsnow.blogspot.com/2010/01/2ne1s-vocal-prowess.html

    2NE1's Vocal Prowess

    2NE1's commentary was very easy to write actually, mainly because even if they pretty much only have one mini-album and two singles off that as a group, they have a ton of solo stuff, a ton of collaborations and a ton of re-arranged performances that show me how versatile they are as a band.

    Vocally, 2NE1 are very, VERY strong, if not for one girl - Sandara. I don't care if all you andara fans start crawling out of nowhere and attacking me but even since she was here (in the Philippines), I hated her guts. But we'll get to that later.

    Back to my point. If my standards are Idol group standards, aka as long as you can hold a melody it's fine, then they're way ahead of everyone else. But you see, according to everyone, they're not just any old idol group - they're 2NE1. And because they're not like everyone else, I won't treat them like everyone else.

    You cannot deny that no matter how popular 2NE1 get and no matter how much I hate hearing their songs everywhere.I.go, they know how to perform. The recorded arrangements of their singles may be as boring as hell (I'm talking to you, I Don't Care) but the minute they have a big awards show or music festival to attend, the re-arrangement or remix will just blow you away. Fans eagerly await the next re-working of their favorite hits and they get the 'critical acclaim' (if there is such a thing in kpop) from musicians and everyone's happy. YG knows how to one, make a hit, and two, make a musically outstanding performance arrangement of said hit. Even if I'm not the biggest fan of rap, I gotta commend YG and 2NE1 for their performances. Gah. Now how I wish DBSK were as creative with their live performances.

    2NE1 are more than just singers, they're performers. Performing is beyond singing - a performer not only knows how to sing, but knows how to make people listen. To be able to be performers at this early in their career just makes me want to worship them. lol. I swear, every time I hear a new re-arrangement it makes me love these girls even more.

    But wait. Let's get the terms straight first. There are people who can't sing but are performers - you have to watch them to appreciate them as artists. There are people who can sing their head off but don't necessarily know how to put on a show - you don't have to watch them to know they're good, you can just listen. Then there are people who can sing AND put on a show - that's 2NE1.

    All these constant re-workings show their versatility as singers and as a band, which is probably one of the most important things to possess if you're a pop singer - people expect you to be able to sing your head off in every possible way and 2NE1 can do that.

    I don't have to talk about how good they work as a group anymore because they're beyond just being able to work as a group - they're at a point where all they have to do now is develop the voices they already have *ahem* and do some more decent a capella work *ahem*.

    EDIT: I didn't think I had to say this anymore but with the influx of comments here and on Twitter, I guess I have to. 2NE1 are a vocal group, they sing and make MUSIC - that's their job. I'm evaluating them as singers and not members - I don't care one bit if they're funny or they're nice in person, if they can't sing they don't deserve to be in the band for the sole reason that 2NE1 is a MUSICAL group. If a member doesn't have a voice he/she should just go into acting or modeling or something - not singing. I hope that clarifies things.

    Gah. Let's get her out of the way already. I don't like Sandara, never have, never will - she's the token pretty face in the band that doesn't really contribute anything outstanding musically. I hated her guts when she was here in the Philippines (not because she's Korean, I'm not a racist. lol.) because one, she was annoying, two ABS-CBN (that's a TV channel) was giving her so much publicity she clearly didn't deserve and three, she couldn't sing or act. There you have it. Although I do think she's improved since then, I still don't think her vocal abilities are up to par with the rest of the group. Her voice is weak, it's shrill, it's too thin in the bad way and she can't push. I don't necessarily like it when you push your voice to much but in this case she just can't. And I think it's all a matter of personal taste - I don't like her voice. If Sandara was in an 'OK if can hold a melody' band, then she'd be pretty good, actually. But 2NE1 aren't one of those bands, they're supposed to have outstanding talent. To a certain extent I've seen/heard worse but compared to her band mates, Sandara fails miserably.

    Park Bom is supposedly 'the voice' of 2NE1 - she's the one with the big vocals and she's the one who gets most of the prominent melodic parts on songs. I do think she has a gorgeous, gorgeous voice but the more you think about it, the plain-er her voice gets. Every single girl group that has come and gone has 'the big voice', people think it's so special to have a voice like that but it's not, anymore. Don't get me wrong, I think Park Bom's voice is gorgeous, it's just that I don't think she should be getting more publicity for her voice than Minzy or CL. But the girl does know how to sing her head of properly - I gotta hand it to her.

    Minzy's the youngest - SHE'S MY AGE. And so for her to be able to sing like that, all my dreams of ever being a pop star (no matter how small they are) have been thrown away. Minzy was actually the first voice in 2NE1 that really caught my ear - I like smooth vocals, Minzy has smooth vocals. It just works. The thing with Minzy is that her voice may be thin but she has this nice, deep timbre - something you don't usually hear in a smooth voice. I love Minzy's vocals, I really do - I just have one tiny little problem with them. Nothing big though. There are times when she doesn't deliver. It's not that she can't sing or she doesn't have a voice, she does, it's pretty damn good, it's just that she's not that consistent yet. Take her age into consideration - once again, SHE IS MY AGE. I can't sing and dance at the same time like that. She can. She just needs more practice and her voice needs to grow. Once that's done gah, she'll be even more brilliant than she already is.

    The girl I was most surprised with was CL. During their Fire days CL was being pushed as the rapper and the leader but then I Don't Care came around and she sang. Shet. This girl can sing. I was sucked in. Not only can she sing, she can sing pretty damn good. And no matter how much I think Park Bom's voice is perfect for singing your head off, CL's got something that's made me like her more than Bom. But we'll get to that later.

    CL's voice is like Minzy + Bom - she has the power and deep timbre that Bom has but she also has a smoothness to her vocals. That's like the perfect combination. Gah.

    It took time for me to choose my favorite voice in 2NE1 and it too time for all the right reasons - Bom, Minzy and CL all have their own styles, their own niches and they have different voices. Ranking them would be really hard. But there was one thing that CL does better than all the others - perform.

    CL knows how to sell a song, no matter how crap or good or boring, CL knows how to sell it. She raps, she sings, she prances around stage and it all seems so natural to her. That's the whole point of being a singer and having a voice in pop music - you have to be able to sell whatever song your record label gives you, bad or good. CL does it the best and she does it with so much conviction you'd think she wrote the songs they perform. No matter how crazy her wardrobe gets (at times) or how annoying Fire was (for me), CL sold it because that's what you do when you're a singer.

    Now, there's something I have to do. *goes and hides under a rock for what she said about Sandara*

    source: http://letsplay2ne1.wordpress.com/2010/09/19/opinion-2ne1-review/

    |Opinion| 2NE1 Review
    by DJ HYPER

    Hello 2NE1 fans, I’m Joel (DJ Hyper!). This is my first review of 2NE1 so I’ll start by telling you about me and why I wanted this job.

    I enjoy life because of the beautiful things it has to offer. In my life one of the most beautiful things has always been music. Listening to music has seriously good effects on my happiness level. In 2005 I began listening to electronic music and dancing to electro at Toronto nightclubs. I knew immediately that I had a future in the nightclub scene so I made a 5 year goal to start hosting parties and possibly become a DJ. This goal was achieved in 2010 as my company Killzone Productions hosted its first party, Zen. A short time after Zen I decided to take my DJ style in a new direction because I’d discovered K-pop and 2NE1. We recently hosted our second event Synchronic and I played an all K-pop set which had the dance floor bouncing. People who had never heard K-pop before loved it. Now I’ve become Toronto’s exclusively K-pop DJ and I have a new 5 year goal, to host nightclub parties in Seoul, South Korea.

    I’m honored to be writing about my favorite group 2NE1. I’m happy to be writing for their fan website LET’S PLAY 2NE1 (LP21). I believe they’re the best 2NE1 fan page on the internet which is why I chose to join the team.

    I first noticed 2NE1 in July, 2010. I was searching for Epik High videos on the internet and during these searches the colorful 2NE1 videos were discovered. I’m naturally a person that loves to have color in my life. I like colorful fashion and more importantly I love colorful personalities. I could tell from their videos that CL, Bom, Dara, and Minzy have the most color when it comes to fashion and personality which is why they’re my favorite group. They put their hearts into the group and it really shows through their singing and dancing. All four girls have the courage and motivation to act wild and crazy in a fun artistic way. I find this quite refreshing, and now they’ve sparked a desire to improve my dancing skills. They’ve also motivated me to continue as an event promoter and DJ. I’m very grateful to have discovered 2NE1, music was becoming boring for me and now it’s completely the opposite.


    CL is not only the baddest female, she’s also the cutest! The first time I heard CL’s voice I was watching Fire (Space). I was like “wow, this singer has the cutest voice ever!” Then I noticed her eyes and all I could think was that she must have an ultra cute personality too. I have a natural attraction to cuteness so CL totally blows my mind. She has skills in singing, rapping, and dancing, it’s also obvious she has serious leadership ability. The energy she projects makes me feel happy and bouncy, wanting to have fun and dance. CL is my favorite artist.


    I think Bom is super sweet. She has a special place in my heart for sure. She has a very talented and beautiful voice that I love hearing. I’m a professional online poker player so when Bom was dancing around the ace of spades and queen of hearts in Fire (Space) I burst into a huge smile. I knew at that moment 2NE1 makes the type of videos that are perfect for me. Any video with Bom is truly a Blackjack video, “Never Lose!”


    Dara is such a cool girl and I think she’s highly skilled in many areas. Whether it’s singing, dancing, acting, or simply being mega cool in videos she’s always a pleasure to hear and watch. I love in Follow Me when she has the two guns and says “bang bang, you can’t handle it.” When Dara says something like that it sounds extra cool.


    I instantly became a fan of Minzy when I noticed how skilled of a dancer she is. I love dancing so much and it’s nice to see others loving it too. Every time a new 2NE1 video comes out I look forward to Minzy’s new dance moves. Watching her move the way she does just makes me want to hit the club and party. When I think of Minzy I think of fun times, like making new friends and heating up the dance floor.

    I think having fun is what matters most with music. It doesn’t matter what you listen to as long as you have fun with it. No one can truthfully say what is better or worse because it’s all a matter of opinion. It is of course fun to share opinions with people who share common interests, just as I have in this review. The truth is I have the most fun listening to 2NE1 ♥

    And of course we want your thoughts about this as well. So, do join us here!^^

    (more SC's in a while...)

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    Post by babeyelmo on Wed Oct 06, 2010 4:56 am

    its hurtful to hear those kind of words about ssantokki!
    i am a fan and i love her!

    Its true she does have a pretty face BUT
    she also has the personality and we all can really tell that she works really hard
    plus she gotten better so she is working hard
    and her dancing has also gotten better! and in Can't Nobody
    you can really see her awkwardness when towards the end they were al dancing and
    having fun dara did look a little lost..she is also good in acting!!!hehe

    She does not have an AWESOME voice like Bom or Taeyeon or Younha
    BUT she has a voice...not everyone is going to be amazed by one voice

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    Post by mikimeun on Thu Oct 07, 2010 9:53 am

    i am a fan of dara unnie shii, i even remember someone call her immature bec of the way she acts sometimes @ 2ne1TV, and of course i rant against that post lol, but in a diplomatic way, i think she got this bubbly personality that lifts up the mood, i dont call it immature, cuz maybe bec in our culture i got used to see a lot of guys and girls being cutesy, and most of the people i encountered @ forum not liking our dara tend to keep on saying she's immature, and i always try to asked them back 'HOW DO YOU GUYS ACTUALLY DEFINE BEING MATURE?' Is it only the act or do we really know how a person matures, idk and i dont care how other people define it. I do know that we cant impose any of our values/principles/beliefs on others but i guess i just rant against it cuz come on, she overcome a lot of hardships on her own, she work hard till now, i dont see anything wrong with it. Maybe in life its common to dislike someone inspite of the fact that she did nothing wrong to you, but hey why bother hate. It will be more beneficial for you to find something else you would be productive rather hurting other peeps. PEOPLE got the right to feel hurt but we dont have the right to hurt others esp if they did nothing wrong to you. IF YOU DONT LIKE A PARTICULAR ARTIST/s, its better to ignore them. We all are fans, we know how to be like one, so why bother hurt each other. If you feel hurt inside bec you read some people saying bad to your idol, then it will be hurtful for others too if you say bad bout other artist too. I think in this digital world, we can all be better kind of fans.
    And I admire those people working so hard to get what they want, achieving their dream cuz after all WE DO EXIST bec of what we have to offer the mankind. And i hope we invest first to GET MATURE INSIDE rather than anything else. If it comes from your inside self, no one can take it even the world is against you.
    I think my post is long lol, and about her singing, she improving a lot and continue doing it, her voice just sound the same like from cd lol, im an underground music fan, but it turns out i got my female side too bec of dara unnie shii, and of course 2ne1 so there. Wether you like her or not you cant deny the fact that she is a real beauty INSIDE AND OUT.
    And i think i already said this way before, she must have done something SO NICE to get all of these nice things she have
    dara2ne1YGfam rocks!
    -lol i edit it bec of typing errors kekeke

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    Post by babeyelmo on Thu Oct 07, 2010 10:47 am

    mikimeun wrote:Wether you like her or not you cant deny the fact that she is a real beauty INSIDE AND OUT.

    HECK YEAH! i totally agree on your line right there!
    she is really beautiful inside and out

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    Post by oblivious2dobvious on Fri Oct 08, 2010 12:46 pm

    One reason why people bash other people is because they're jealous...

    Dara's not the BEST singer out there. But SHE'S BETTER than most of us because she has the CONFIDENCE to perform. She doesn't stop on what she has...she molds her own talents... and SHE DID IMPROVED...drastically.

    Unfortunately...she still has lot of detractors...and believe me.. those haters are good for nothing... they just bash Dara because... their idols are overshadowed by Dara... It's more of the PRIDE of the FANS... The fans ONLY wanted to support SOMEONE..and if that someone doesn't get that much recognition, the fans will feel as if they're a failure... and so...they bash other people so that they will feel good about themselves..or fool themselves to think that their idol is indeed the best... it's kinda pathetic isn't it?

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    Post by joycecute25 on Tue Oct 19, 2010 7:46 pm

    dara's the best for me even if she's not good in singing or dancing
    she has a charisma to make everyone happy and like her.
    all of anti's of dara just wait and see dara will improve and you all will like her,if you want that is,loveyou:
    dara hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Post by Founder on Wed Oct 20, 2010 10:19 pm

    guys, i added some comments found all over the net! please look at the first post of kimchidiction at the top


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    Post by mikimeun on Thu Oct 21, 2010 9:51 am

    Antis are idk, they need to stay away from their computer and find something where they can be useful rather hurting others, if they can find themselves better than our dara or anyone else then apply as a singer and prove it but they just all talk and that's it, i dont bother to read if its from anti, THEY'RE VEXATION TO THE SPIRIT.

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    Post by antonette on Thu Oct 21, 2010 9:50 pm

    these haters....
    i'll give them a thousand bucks...if they don't swoon if they come face to face with dara...knowing dara unnie she'd smile and be super friendly...they'd eat their words...
    i'd support this girl no matter what...words cannot even describe the magnitude of my admiration for sandara park..that's why i don't understand these haters...


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    Post by Founder on Fri Oct 22, 2010 1:37 am

    i've added a new 2ne1 review, please read the first post by kimchidiction! i've added the review at the last part!

    i think you'll like the last review (from a guy)


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    Post by quirkyromantic on Wed Oct 27, 2010 1:54 pm

    I think Dara acts fine... I am at Dara's age (okay, a year older) but I also act like a kid sometimes. It's not immaturity. For me, immaturity is doing unwise things that you should've know since you know from experience. But we know Dara is not just a pretty face and she has deep thoughts about life, though she doesn't show it often. This is a girl who experienced a LOT of hardships already but continues to smile on and makes us smile. That is already commendable.

    And for those who say that they are annoyed by how she acts like a kid, well... I read this somewhere. It's not verbatim, but, here it goes:

    Whenever people say "act your age", I only hear "be miserable like me."

    Don't let those antis get to you. :)

    goin nuts
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    i envy her

    Post by goin nuts on Wed Nov 03, 2010 7:30 am

    DARA is just pure lovable.
    there's something in her that's not in anyone else.
    she's different than any idols I've seen.
    it's an unexplainable feeling. that you'll one day wake up into.

    her personality is also very compatible in making wonderful fan fics.

    haters---GET A LIFE!

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    Post by ayeshiaa on Thu Nov 25, 2010 3:08 pm

    Haters are really heartless T_T dara can sing, No doubt about that, she maybe can't sing as good as Bom or other members, but at least she tried her very best to improve and to learn something that she can share with the fans :DD without her 2NE1 wouldn't exist in this damn world(i guess) :DD GHAWD haters really su*ks T_T go to hell !! BEYOTCH :DD

    --- I love dara, so much :D with all my heart <3 she's the most pretty, adorable, dorky, lovely girl :) i love you unnie :DD fighting .. don't mind the haters :DD

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    Post by aikhim23 on Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:05 pm

    Aghhh...such bad comment about Dara....hey 2ne1 will not be 2ne1 if Dara is not there...and she wouldn't be part of 2ne1 if YG didn't see her potential...these anti Dara is just too much...who are you to judge her???? You don't fcking know her so stop judging...she has been so many things...so i think she deserve what she has right now!!!

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    Post by just_a_fan_05 on Fri Aug 05, 2011 8:27 pm

    just visited this site again after a long time~

    well, i missed hanging out here and check out fanfics..

    anyway, i encountered this in my inbox~
    and reading the posts quite makes me kinda disappointed.
    that's because i'm a Dara bias, i know we all are, right?

    for those who judge Dara, WTH~!
    they aren't even music majors or even talent managers!
    who are they to critique on Dara when they don't even know what's talent!
    err, Dara isn't just the image of the group..she proves she isn't~
    at least, with her guts she was given a chance to be famous through YG!
    eat that you trolls! hate her guts but it's what feeds her and keeps her alive.
    but the best judge of all is herself; she knows herself better than anyone else.
    if you are all aware, Dara has her own standards too..she isn't average..

    well on Dara's skills, yes she can sing, dance, rap, act, and be a host..
    we all know she undergone several workshops for that, right?
    especially during her SCQ days (a talent search) in the Philippines.
    and of course, Dara's not perfect; she'll have her own flaws..
    but she's willing to improve and grow to enhance her skills..^^

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    Post by daralover on Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:56 pm


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